Third-party claims can have a dramatic negative impact on your business. Whether a customer suffers a loss because of an employee’s actions, or one of your fleet vehicles is involved in an accident, the expenses you incur can damage your bottom line for years to come. Fortunately, with the proper general liability insurance, you may be able to avoid out-of-pocket expense and excessive liability for damages caused by a representative of your business.

At People First Insurance, we believe in educating our customers to understand the benefits of their policies, not just the bottom line.

General liability insurance offers coverage for a wide range of expenses and situations:

  • Premises liability, including slip-and-fall accidents on your commercial property
  • Damage caused by employees
  • Losses caused by deficient services or products
  • Injuries and expenses resulting from accidents involving business-owned vehicles
  • Damage to customer property during delivery, install or service
  • Professional liability or Errors and Omissions (E&O) relating to services rendered
  • Legal fees stemming from lawsuits

To cover costs related to workers who are injured on the job, you will need to seek additional protection in the form of workers compensation.

General liability insurance premiums vary widely from one policy to the next, and often depend upon the service or product your business offers. For example, a business owner who sells computers will have much different premiums and coverage needs than a contractor or electrician. Additionally, businesses with dozens of employees will require different coverage than a company with fewer workers.

With such a diverse range of coverage options available, it is important to understand which policies provide your business with the best protection. Our staff will learn about your specific needs before gathering quotes from multiple insurance providers. In this way, we help you compare rates for policies that are tailored directly to your business.